Saturday, April 18, 2015

There were 20 contenders for my NatCroMo give-away for the two ca.1913 Stitchery Quarterlies.  Anyway, I hated to disappoint so many, so I dug out 5 additional duplicates of vintage crochet publications that I have, to offer as "consolation" gifts to 5 additional people.  They are:

  1. Mary Card's 1920 Original Designs in Various Styles of Crochet Book No.1 published in NY, in good condition, but with a bad tear across the cover.  It contains many of her fabulous designs.  But it is not in modern American notation, however the first page offers descriptions of each stitch.  It also has fabulous vintage advertisements.  
  2. - 5. are 4 issues of Needlecraft Magazines, all missing covers, but all patterns intact.  All patterns appear to be in old notation similar to British crochet notation, so you will have to do some additional work to reproduce these patterns.  The first of these is November 1913, including crocheted finger purses, coronation braid crochet, some really neat crocheted ties for neck bows, and a few crocheted needlework tools.  
  3. Needlecraft Magazine, January 1918 containing some nice filet crochet edges, crocheted baskets, WWI knitted comforts for soldiers, sailors and airmen.  
  4. Needlecraft Magazine, March 1918 containing a handful of lovely filet crochet designs including a Mary Card "Great Seal of the United States in Filet Crochet".
  5. Needlecraft Magazine, December 1918 (some pages torn in half, but not affecting readability of patterns) containing Mary Card Crocheted Gifts designs, daffodil filet crochet design, camels in filet crochet for a child's bedspread, and knitted items for soldiers, sailors and airmen.  
I blindly drew 7 names, all winners have selected their publications and all publications were all mailed on April 21, 2015.

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