Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I recently published an article in the Crochet Guild of America's (CGOA's) Chain Link Newsletter on the "Miss Nimble Fingers" Speed Crochet Contest which took place on the grounds of the 1940 New York City World's Fair.  I promised close-up pictures on my website, but I am having problems with updating my website.  So I am posting them here.  Here's the program announcing the contest:

And here are the contestants:

Out of a field of 300-500 contestants, there was one man, Mr. Clifford Anthony of Union, NJ.  Here he is receiving a $5,000 accident policy "against the perils of flying crochet hooks":

And here he is demonstrating crocheting "hazards":

And here getting a demonstration of nurse's medical attention, should it be needed:

And because "the women made it quite hot for the lone male," here he is receiving water and shade:

And despite all the attention paid to Mr. Anthony, here is the winners' circle (with no Mr. Anthony). Mrs. Jennie Verbeak (or Verbeck, depending upon the source) won with 118 scallops, Mrs. Elizabeth Steffanelli (or Stafanelli) won the second prize.

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