Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Goals, prioritized

2016 is shaping up to be an extremely busy year!  Every year I have goals, but I tend to take on too many, adding more throughout the year, resulting in my not accomplishing as much as I desire.  This year I decided to publish those goals in prioritized order, to help me to focus, knowing at anytime anyone of my Face Book and blog followers could query me on their status.  If I add any new goals I need to determine where they fit in priority. I think this will help me to avoid straying from my 2016 Goals:    OK, I did it, I am talking with someone about adding another goal---#11!  But it is too cool to pass up!  In 2016 I succeeded on many of these and others were not so successful, but this goal list did make me aware of what I was doing, what I was accomplishing and what I needed to work on, so I plan to do it again in 2017.

1) This probably has to be my first priority, since I have been committed to writing quarterly articles for the Crochet Guild of America's (CGOA) Chain Link Newsletter for a long time.  Deadlines around the 20th of January, April, July, and October.  I have many ideas for topics.  Need to post National Crochet Contest pics to this blog in early April to support the article I wrote in January.  April's submission is due during mid-April.  All quarterly articles were written and published during 2016.  This is an on-going commitment and will be resurrected in my 2017 goals,

2) National Crochet Month (NatCroMo): I have promised to provide a free pattern and a vintage crochet book give-away for my day: 31 March.  I plan to make the pattern overlap with my number 7 and possibly my number 11 goals.  I have advertised this on my Facebook page.  Gathered books for the give-away, some really great ones!  I did not provide a free pattern, but did do the book give-away.  This is a yearly commitment and I plan to participate again in 2017,

3) Committed to giving a short discussion and display of vintage yarn winding tools to the Prince William Purlers on June 7.  This is a high priority goal, because of a firm commitment, but it will not require much work. Gave a very successful discussion/display of yarn winders for the Prince William Purlers and later for the Prince William Crochet Guild. Additionally gave a talk to the Prince William Purlers on the WWI Knitting Campaign.  Both the Prince William Crochet Guild and thePrince William Purlers have invited me to give 2017 presentations.

4) Writing a crochet book, can't release details yet, but related to my  fifth goal.  For me this is a very big goal and I am stretching to do something new, so probably a 5-year goal.  However, I expect to have it well on its way (with a publisher lined-up) by August 2016.  I have done much research, and started some projects--  Started a handful of projects, 2 are finished, and done more research.  I acquired many publications and done much research and some crocheting.  Much more work remains.

5) Get together a mid-19th century Crochet Instructress impression by August 2016.  I have started some projects. gotten some accessories, and identified other accessories still needed.  I have gotten most supplies and accessories.  Much sewing and other crafting to be done.

6) Gear-up on my freeform Textile Tribute to the Arts collaborative project.  The only reason it is this far down on my priority list is because of the far-off submission date: September 2017.  I have created a Face Book page(, but have not advertised it yet---that must be done by roughly September 2016.  Created a bibliography of freeform books, available on my webpage: . Much work to be done,  

7) By 1 May, create my contribution to the Cyra Lewis' 2016 International Free Form Fiberarts Guild book, theme: Flora/Fauna of my Country/Region. My general design is planned, and started.   This project can be related to my number 2 & 11 goals.  I was not able to accomplish this goal, perhaps I can participate in 2017.

8) Create a submission for CGOA's Annual Design Contest, probably must be done by May or June 2016.  Design started and all supplies accumulated.  I was not able to complete this in time, but much work has been done and hope to submit it in 2017.

9) Committed to give a presentation/display at Prince William Purlers meeting on WWI & WWII knitting items, during fall 2016.  Completed presentation on WWI knitting and have been asked to return in June 2017 to give presentation on WWII knitting.

10) I have not committed to this, but Prudence Mapstone has put out a call for submission for a Jumpers & Jazz festival and is soliciting brightly-coloured freeform knit & crochet Jumpers (sweaters) by April 2016 (soon!).  Because of my relationship with Prudence, I would really love to participate, but I am reluctant to do so because I have so many other commitments.  I gave in on this one and created a squirrel scrumble which made it to the top of one of Prudence's trees,

11) Another goal, not yet a commitment, but talking with Brian Horrigan of the MN Historical Society about possibly providing WWI Workbasket Campaign items for the Home-front portion of his April 2017 planned exhibition of WWI America.  I wrote to Brian a couple of times and he promised more information about what he requires.  The ball is in his court as to whether this comes to fruition.

12)  A goal, not a commitment: Larisa Chilton is sponsoring an Irish crochet butterflies and flowers world map, with brightly colored butterflies and white flowers.  I love Larisa's art, want to take a class from her some day, and this project sounds fabulously beautiful.  Additionally, there is no deadline on the submissions, making it hard for me to put this on my priority list.  However, I can combine this effort with my number 7 goal and possibly my number 2 goal.  I need to follow up on this,  I don't know if it ever got off the ground.

13) Not a commitment, but want to create at least one contribution for the UK Hyperbolic Crochet Forest Project.  The deadline on this is unclear, but I believe their plan is to start exhibition in September 2017.  I am stoked by my idea for this project, but can't commit to it.  I created a 12-foot stream for the project, with the coolest ever mini-waterfall.

14) No commitment or deadline, but I need to do some beading for me.  I have some fabulous cabochons (one a Sonoran Sunrise and another an Ian Escaro outer-space inlay) that are "screaming" at me for attention.  Their necklaces have been designed, just need the time to sit down and bead.  Took a beading class on 27 February to quell the screaming a bit.  I almost completed my Sonoran Sunrise Necklace (just needs the clasp) and I will finish it in 2017.  Maybe I will do the Outer-Space Necklace in 2017 too!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Remiss --- Catching up

I have been so remiss in posting to my blog, so here is my attempt to catch up.  Within the next couple of days I will post my planned activities for 2016, but for now here is a quick rundown of my most significant activities during 2015:

Early in the year my son, Paul Allan Ballard, and Corinna Herden eloped.  I was honored that she wore the  necklace I beaded for her, it is my variation of Maggie Meister's Victorian Grand Tour Necklace.

In March I participated in Prudence Mapstone's Fifty Years of Flower Power project with two submissions: 
Later in the year, Prudence assembled all the contributions into a magnificent art piece, started its tour, and it was featured in Down Under Textiles, with my contributions centered on the cover of that magazine!

I also contributed to Kathryn Vercillo's Mandalas for Marinke, a project to raise depression awareness.  I also posted a pattern for the middle mandella (earlier in this blog).

and to 's "Flowers for Memories" Alzheimer's research project.  I wish I had written a pattern for this.

2015 was my first year in participating in the International Free Form Fiberarts Guild annual challenge.  Last year's theme was Ocean - The Color of Water, and my submission was included in the book.  I call my submission "On Golden Sands":

The year ended with my father's passing and with me feeling sad and very mortal.