Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Last year was the first year I published my prioritized goal list.  I was not as successful in accomplishing all my goals as I had hoped, but I did accomplish most my goals, as well as, made good headway on others.  The primary value is it helped me to remain aware of the status of each goal and to understand the impact whenever I added a new goal.  So, I am trying this again for 2017, to at least maintain awareness and, in the hope that it will help me accomplish my most important goals.

  1. Writing quarterly articles for the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) Chain Link Newsletter remains my first priority because of a long-term commitment to CGOA.  Articles are due around the 20th of January (soon), April, July, and October.  January's article written.
  2. I also have a long-term commitment to participate in Crochetville's annual National Crochet Month (NatCroMo) Blog Tour, by providing a lottery-style give-away of duplicate crochet publications from my collection.  My day is 31 March.
  3. I am committed to give a presentation and display of WWI (and possibly WWII) war-time crochet to the Prince William Crochet Guild on 17 April.
  4. I am also committed to give a presentation & display of WWII Knitting Campaign to the Prince William Purlers on 5 June.
  5. Accelerate my activity on the Freeform Textile Tribute to the Arts Collaboration Project ( ) that I started organizing last year and published a bibliograph of freeform books -- .  I need to firm-up instructions, advertise the project, create some scrumbles, post them, and post any submissions from contributors.  I might extend the date on this project, now asking for submissions to start in September 2017.
  6. Release (create) my inner beast.  Already generally designed her, named her, and started gathering threads/yarns.
  7. A long-term project of writing a crochet history/pattern book-- I still can't release any more details, but the project was started last year and much research and some crocheting has been done.
  8. Create a submission for CGOA's Annual Design Contest, probably must be done by May or June 2017.  This project has been designed and is well on its way to being completed.
  9. Create a mid-19th century crochet instructress impression.  I have gotten some accessories and supplies, and I have only just started making clothing.
  10. By 1 May create my contribution to Cyra Lewis' 2017 International Free Form Fiberarts Guild book.  This year's theme: Patterns in Nature.  My general design is planned.
  11. I have almost completed my Sonoran Sunrise Necklace that I started last year.  I need to finish it and perhaps offer the pattern to a magazine.
  12. Get materials for and crochet a sample of Irish scarf (design conceptualized) for submission to a magazine.
  13. Look into creating a webpage to generate advertising income.
  14. Make Outer Space Necklace (design conceptualized) using Ian Escaro's fabulous outer space cabochon and consider offering to a magazine.
  15. Possibly participate in Brian Horrigan's MN Historical Society WWI Homefront Exhibition.  His responses to my inquiries about what he wants have not been adequate and the ball is in his court.
  16. Larisa Chilton's Irish Crochet colorful Butterflies and white Flowers World Map collaborative project.  I need to determine if this project got off the ground and whether I still can participate. I "spoke" with Larisa and this project has been at least temporarily shelved.  I asked her to keep me apprised if the project is resurrected.