Saturday, January 9, 2016

Remiss --- Catching up

I have been so remiss in posting to my blog, so here is my attempt to catch up.  Within the next couple of days I will post my planned activities for 2016, but for now here is a quick rundown of my most significant activities during 2015:

Early in the year my son, Paul Allan Ballard, and Corinna Herden eloped.  I was honored that she wore the  necklace I beaded for her, it is my variation of Maggie Meister's Victorian Grand Tour Necklace.

In March I participated in Prudence Mapstone's Fifty Years of Flower Power project with two submissions: 
Later in the year, Prudence assembled all the contributions into a magnificent art piece, started its tour, and it was featured in Down Under Textiles, with my contributions centered on the cover of that magazine!

I also contributed to Kathryn Vercillo's Mandalas for Marinke, a project to raise depression awareness.  I also posted a pattern for the middle mandella (earlier in this blog).

and to 's "Flowers for Memories" Alzheimer's research project.  I wish I had written a pattern for this.

2015 was my first year in participating in the International Free Form Fiberarts Guild annual challenge.  Last year's theme was Ocean - The Color of Water, and my submission was included in the book.  I call my submission "On Golden Sands":

The year ended with my father's passing and with me feeling sad and very mortal.

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