Monday, January 25, 2010


Someone asked me the meaning of my pseudonym, threadwinder.

Being a collector of textile tools it seemed like a natural name to me. After all, before thread was put on spools it was spun into hanks (and sold in hanks). Seamstresses had to wind their thread onto threadwinders before they did their sewing, very much like winding hanks of yarn into balls for knitting or crocheting. Threadwinders are little knobbed disks, usually made of bone, ivory, or mother-of-pearl; but occasionally of horn, wood, or other materials (pictures to be posted later). With the advent of practical sewing machines in the 1850's thread had to be on spools, and the use of threadwinders diminished.

I also see myself as one who winds literal threads, whether it be for crocheting, knitting, sewing, lace-making, weaving, spinning, or bead working. I also love winding histories of textiles and textile tools.

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